Efficient pulp, paper and mineral slurry operations require effective slime control. Microbial Control solutions help control slime-forming bacteria that cause offensive odors, equipment corrosion and even spots and breaks in paper. Our solutions can also help protect your coatings, mineral slurries, latexes, starch solutions and other pigments and binders from microbial contamination to help increase operation efficiency and minimize downtime.

Our portfolio of microbial solutions protect the range of processes and applications vulnerable to microbes—offering fast, effective and functional contamination control of slime and mold.


Some of our products are listed below. Not all products are available for sale or registered/approved for use in all countries.
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Pulp, Paper and Mineral Slurries

Product Name

Active Ingredient *

Features & Benefits

KATHON™ WT Biocide

KATHON WT 1.5% Biocide



  • Supplied as 1.5% and 14% ingredient formulations
  • Broad-spectrum biocide effective against biofilm
  • Rapid inhibition of microbial growth and enzyme synthesis
  • Effective at low concentrations
  • OECD 301B inherently biodegradable

KATHON™ CF 150 Biocide

KATHON™ CF 1400 Biocide


  • Supplied as a 1.5% and 14% formulations
  • No copper salts required for stabilization depending on product and use level

AQUCAR™ BP 100 Water Treatment Microbiocide
(free-flowing, crystalline solid)

AQUCAR™ BP 30 Water Treatment Microbiocide


  • Broad-spectrum bacterial efficacy
  • Especially effective in combination with other biocides
  • Controls slime-forming bacteria
  • Controls anaerobic bacteria responsible for microbiologically induced corrosion


AQUCAR™ DB 100 Water Treatment Microbiocide
(free-flowing, white crystalline solid)

AQUCAR™ DB 20 Water Treatment Microbiocide



  • Compatible with all types of water treatment chemicals
  • Broad-spectrum control of bacteria, fungi, yeast, cyanobacteria and true algae
  • Fast acting, can be used as a knockdown biocide treatment

AQUCAR™ GA 135 Water Treatment Microbiocide

AQUCAR™ GA 24 Water Treatment Microbiocide

AQUCAR™ GA 25 Water Treatment Microbiocide

AQUCAR™ GA 50 Water Treatment Microbiocide


  • Available in different levels of active ingredient
  • Effective against bacteria and fungi in paper making systems and useful in inhibiting slime formation in all areas of paper making process
  • Especially effective in controlling bacterial growth in aqueous pigments and filler slurries
  • Compatible with commonly used “wet-end” additives
  • Compatible with anionic, non-ionic and cationic dispersants

AQUCAR™ 742 Water Treatment Microbiocide

Glutaraldehyde + quaternary ammonium (quat)

  • Specially formulated to help rapidly clean microbiologically fouled surfaces
  • Extremely fast acting
  • Compatible with most commonly used scale and corrosion inhibitors

* CMIT/MIT: 5-chloro-2-methyl-4-isothiazolin-3- one & 2-methyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one / DBNPA: 2,2-dibromo-3- nitrilopropionamide