SILVADUR™ vs. Silver Nanotechnology

  • Nanoparticle-based silver products rely on silver metal particles that don’t easily dissolve in water, providing a less uniform finish

SILVADUR™ vs. Silver Chloride & Particle Based Systems

  • Traditional silver-based antimicrobials deliver silver particles to the fabric surface & rely on silver particle leaching or slow dissolution of poorly-soluble silver salts to control bacteria.
  • Silver particulate size and indiscriminate release of silver can cause discoloration & reduced antimicrobial performance over time, causing a non-uniform antimicrobial finish during the manufacturing process, leading to higher cost-to-treat & poor quality.

SILVADUR™ vs. Quat Silanes

  • Quat Silanes can be difficult to control, require careful dilution, formulation & processing conditions.
  • Quat Silane treated fabrics can become water repellant, requiring more chemicals & costs to control hydrophobicity.