Bacteria and microbes can infiltrate our clothing, home textiles and upholstery, causing odor, fading and shorter life. The Intelligent Freshness technology in SILVADUR™ Antimicrobials protects the fit, fashion, comfort and durability of apparel and home textile products.

Our SILVADUR™ technologies provide easy to apply, durable, sustainable antimicrobial protection that helps improve freshness , support hygienic odor and freshness solutions for textiles.

Our patented silver ion polymer technology adheres to fiber surfaces to provide long-lasting antimicrobial textile protection. When applied to fabrics, SILVADUR™ helps protect against discoloration and prolongs fabric integrity and can withstand repeated home laundering of up to 50 wash cycles in high temperatures. Apparel and home textiles containing SILVADUR™ are non-sensitizing and do not irritate skin or disrupt normal skin flora.


Advanced Antimicrobial Technology

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Intelligent Freshness

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SILVADUR™ Certifications:

  • bluesign® approved

  • Conforms with Zero Discharge of Hazardous Waste (ZDHC) Level 3

  • Listed on the OEKO-TEX™ list of accepted Active Chemical Products, which makes it suitable for textiles that are to be certified under STANDARD 100

SILVADUR™ Products:

SILVADUR™ 930 Flex Antimicrobial
SILVADUR™ 960 Flex Antimicrobial