Left untreated, subaquatic organisms and mold can more easily attach to the hull of a ship or boat, affecting fuel efficiency, and the durability of the coating. Marine antifouling paint is critical for protecting vessels from corrosion and contamination.

Our portfolio of marine antifouling solutions effectively protects metal from corrosion and prevents the growth of bacterial slime, algae, barnacles, seaweed and other marine organisms. With long-lasting control and stability in marine paint formulations, our technologies provide solutions to a broad spectrum of organisms that can impact marine efficiency.


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Marine Antifouling

Product Name

Active Ingredient

Features & Benefits

SEA-NINE™ 211N Marine Antifouling Agent


  • Broad spectrum, effective against a broad array of marine fouling organisms
  • Active ingredient rapidly biodegrades in the environment
  • Minimal potential for bio-accumulation
  • Low human health risk
  • Excellent eco-toxicological profile
  • For use in commercial vessels, naval vessels and super yachts, and on buoys, sluice doors and offshore structures submerged in marine and brackish water