Left untreated, metalworking fluids can become contaminated with microorganisms. Build-up of bacteria and fungi can cause foul odors, and lead to slime and biofilm that clogs filters and can cause corrosion. Microbial contamination can also lead to split emulsions, pH drift, and other reductions in fluid performance parameters such as lubricity or cooling.

An effective biocide treatment plan is essential to help prevent contamination of your metalworking fluids. We offer a broad range of highly effective products suitable for either tankside or concentrate application which will protect your products from microbial attack, biofilms formation mycobacteria growth and other issues.


Some of our products are listed below. Not all products are available for sale or registered/approved for use in all countries.
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Metalworking Fluids

Product Name

Active Ingredient *

Features & Benefits

KATHON™ 886 MW Biocide


  • Cost effective
  • Broad spectrum protection, including efficacy against bacteria, mycobacteria and fungi
  • Does not release or contain formaldehyde

DOWICIDE™ 25L Antimicrobial
(BIOBAN™ OP 25 Antimicrobial*)

DOWICIDE™ A Antimicrobial
(BIOBAN™ SP 100 Antimicrobial*)


  • Broad spectrum protection
  • Not a formaldehyde donor
  • Available in different concentrations and forms (liquid and solid)

BIOBAN™ O 45 Antimicrobial


  • Broad spectrum fungicide
  • Long lasting protection
  • Not a formaldehyde donor

KORDEK™ LX 5000 Biocide


  • Globally approved and available
  • Highly effective against bacteria and mycobacteria
  • Long lasting protection
  • Not a formaldehyde donor

ROCIMA™ BT 2S Microbicide


  • Long lasting protection against bacteria
  • Works well in combination with other biocides (example BIOBAN™ P-1487)
  • Not a formaldehyde donor

BIOBAN™ P-1487 Antimicrobial Agent


  • Highly effective against bacteria and fungi
  • Partitions between oil and water phase, providing protection at oil/water interface
  • Works well in combinations
  • Long lasting protection

DOWICIDE™ 1E Antimicrobial
(BIOBAN™ OP 100 E Antimicrobial*)


  • Broad spectrum protection, including efficacy against mycobacteria
  • Temperature and pH stable
  • Long lasting protection
  • Not a formaldehyde donor

*CMIT/MIT: 5-chloro-2-methyl-4-isothiazolin-3- one & 2-methyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one / NaOPP: sodium o-phenylphenate / OIT: 2-n-octyl-4-isothiazolin3-one
MIT: 2-methyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one / BIT: 1,2 benzoisothiazolin-3-one / OPP: o-phenylphenol

*Product name may vary per region