Choosing the right in-can preservatives to extend the shelf life of your agricultural pesticide formulation requires a clear understanding of preservation needs, formulation compatibility,and regulatory approvals,

We offer a broad portfolio of preservatives that are compatible with the most common formulations, such as suspension concentrates.

The preservation of agricultural pesticides and other related formulations are regulated differently in different countries of the world. In the United States, in-can preservatives require approval by US EPA for specific uses, as well as cleareance for the respective ingredients by US FDA depending on use (pre-harvest, post-harvest or both).

When choosing the right product and dosage for your formulation, please refer to guidance in your specific region in regards to products and dosage.


The products and uses listed below correspond to products available in the United States. Not all products are available for sale or registered/approved for use in all countries.
Contact your sales representative or refer to our Contact Form to learn about product availability and approvals in your country

Crop Protection



Pre-harvest and Post-harvest
40 CFR 180.910

pH ≤ 8.5

  • BIOBAN™ BP-Plus Preservative
  • BIOBAN™ BP-30 Preservative

40 CFR 180.920

pH ≤ 8.5

  • BIOBAN™ BP-Plus Preservative
  • BIOBAN™ BP-30 Preservative
  • ROCIMA™ 586
  • KATHON™ CG/ICP Biocide (KATHON™ MK Biocide*)


pH > 8.5

  • ROCIMA™ BT 2S Microbicide

Pears and Citrus Fruits

pH > 8

  • DOWICIDE™ A Antimicrobial (BIOBAN™ SP 100 Antimicrobial*)

*Product name may vary per region