Specialty coatings like stucco, elastomeric roof coatings, concrete and floor coatings help to enhance and protect our homes and work spaces. But these coatings need protection, too. Contamination by algae, mold or mildew can cause defacement and deterioration of the coating, reducing the performance and the lifespan of your product.

We offer a broad portfolio that support green building initiatives such as low-VOC, low-formadehyde content and energy-saving coatings among others.

Contact us to learn more about how BIOBAN™ 200 Antimicrobial, containing a Green Chemistry Award-winning molecule can help prevent contamination of your elastomeric roof coatings and help save energy. BIOBAN™ 200 resists rain runoff and protects roof coatings outperforming others like IPBC.

For superior antimicrobial protection,BIOBAN™ 200 can be paired with ROCIMA™ 63 – an industrial microbiocide formulated to overcome algae-challenging conditions. This powerful combination includes four active ingredients – DCOIT, OIT, CBM and diuron – strengthening and broadening the scope of protection.


DCOIT: 4,5-dichloro-2-n-octyl-3(2H)- isothiazolinone / OIT: 2-n-octyl-4-isothiazolin3-one / CBM: Carbendazim