Since it was introduced more than six decades ago, glutaraldehyde has become one of the most effective and versatile molecules available. Unfortunately, its widespread success has spawned blends of non-genuine glutaraldehyde that deceive customers, can cost them money and put workers and the environment at risk.

Blends of formaldehyde, glyoxal and other chemicals are made by unscrupulous dealers. These blends can replicate the specific gravity and aldehyde titration results of GENUINE GLUTARALDEHYDE.

Be sure you are buying GENUINE GLUTARALDEHYDE. Look for the tamper-proof "FORMALDEHYDE FREE*" seal on the product package-it's your assurance of quality and purity.

Does Its Job

Test results confirm that under many application conditions, GENUINE GLUTARALDEHYDE performs more effectively than products that use formaldehyde, glyoxal or other materials.

Goes Away

GENUINE GLUTARALDEHYDE is a more sustainable product. It is readily biodegradable, formaldehyde free*, non-carcinogenic, non-persistent and non-bioaccumulative.

Does no Harm to Products, People or the Environment

GENUINE GLUTARALDEHYDE has a long safety record and its proper use is well documented. Use of non-genuine glutaraldehyde blends may place products, workers, processes, equipment and the environment in harm's way.

*Due to different regulatory requirements, specific claims may vary by geographic region. Consult with your local sales representative or refer to our contact form for specific claims being made in your region of interest.

Not sure if you've been supplied
genuine glutaraldehyde?

Now you can find out with the GENUINE GLUTARALDEHYDE test kit!

The test will let you know if your glutaraldehyde is genuine by evaluating for common adulterants.

To get the test, contact your sales representative or refer to our contact form